Hack the Town


We are designers taking part in varied social design projects.

Our aim is to motivate people to experience most areas of their lives with an active and creative attitude, rather than passive behaviour.

So we often create programs that motivate several social groups to cooperate and take active and creative actions, by which they move out of their comfort zone.

By taking part in such programs people also can realize that their opinions have value and their ideas and actions can be useful and creative.

We believe that everybody is a designer and everything is design in open design projects.

Design is diverse, as it is questioning, analysis, communication, cooperation, feeling, way of life, and an artistical movement too.

Think, ask, communicate with each other and change.

Sometimes hacking is the first step.

So, we walk around the town and redesign places with augmented reality. 

This is how we create surreal, virtual graffiti in three dimensions.

While we follow the philosophy of graffiti we can show opinions and feelings about our environment, with our town-hacking project.

Such a design approach can be mixed with some kind of civil street art,

as it represents how many ways people can think about a certain place.

No matter where you live, no matter what you do,

however, you always can express your opinion with the tool of art. 

The theme can be anything; a famous classical place, a modern building, nature, or a simple, cheap, abandoned urban place. 

On the one hand, hacking a historical scene can free strict and old-fashioned rules and approaches, on the other hand, hacking a poor urban area can draw attention to these abandoned places.

Therefore, this project can show an approach, of shared knowledge, creativity, and a socially active future.

The aim is to motivate people and communities to express their opinion or creativity, also to draw attention to the immediate environment.


Zsolt Csizmadia, Gyöngyi Bokor

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