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Everything is design, and everyone is a designer.

Create, create, always, constantly.

Shape the idea.

No matter if it is a plant, a dinner, a chair, or a church window.

When you create something, you are doing the most wonderful action,

as transcending yourself and entering a new, unknown world

while leaving the importance of yourself behind.

After all this, it's only the new project, the challenge, and the solution that really matters.

Lighting window of San Francesco church, Budapest

Designers: Z. Halmágyi Judit, Csizmadia Zsolt, Bokor Gyöngyi

Photo: Bokor Gyöngyi




Product design

Bokor Gyöngyi


Master of Product Design

3D Design Department

University of Brighton

United Kingdom

Master of Interior Design

Environmental Design Department

MOME, University of Applied Art








Creation and development of bespoke LED string luminaires

of new studios of  ZDA , Zoboki Design & Architecture

co-designer: Zsolt Csizmadia

Creation and development of a range of new Schonbek luminaires, US

American Traditional, Classical Transitional, Warm Contemporary

Creation and development of a range of new Swarovski luminaires, US

Classical Transitional, Warm Contemporary

The interior design of the new medical center of Villa Medicina, Budapest

Creation and development of a new Swarovski Design Language, Austria

Chandeliers, pendant lights, floor lamps, wall lights, modular lights

Projects in Dubai, China, South-Africa

Creation and development a range of luminaires to Cryst Ltd

Projects in Dubai, London, India

Creation and development a range of luminaires to Candela Ltd

customized luminaire design to

Arad Plaza, Arena Plaza, Puskin Cinema, Duna Plaza, Westend Plaza

Creation and development a range of luminaires to Revolum  Ltd

Erkel Theatre

The interior design of Nissan Hungary Offices 

Logmein Offices

Formula 400 Offices

Villa Bagatell

co-designer: Robert Toth

Ernst & Young Hungary Offices

co-designer: András Szentpéteri

PricewatershouseCoopers Hungary Offices

Residences in Dongyng, China

co-designer: Robert Toth, Zoboki-Demeter Studio

Hungarian Gas Stockholding Offices

Hungarian Oil Trade Offices

Hungarian Electricity Trade Offices

Generaly Estate Offices

Opel Automotive Hungary Offices

Honeywell Hungary Offices

Siemens Hungary Offices

Continental Corporation Offices

Chello Television Offices

Unify Offices

co-designer: Neudoerfler Office System

Home accessories for Villa Bagatell

Pendants for Villa Triola

co-designer: Zoboki-Demeter Studio

Paks, Spa, bespoke ceiling

co-designer: Zsolt Csizmadia, György Frank




Creation HISTHEORY  project and educational program

Fictional utopias and  alternative histories

in order to find meaningful communication and consensus.

Edina Mihalkovics, Zsolt Csizmadia, Gyongyi Bokor

Creation the HACK THE TOWN project

The project wants to motivate people to express their creativity,

and draw attention to the immediate environment.

Zsolt Csizmadia, Gyongyi Bokor

Creation the group and project of WHY NOT DESIGN

Design is not about so-called perfect objects, 

but, it is rather an opinion, awareness, communication, story-telling and philosophy.

co-founders: Andras Gyurcsek, Noa Schiller, Gyongyi Bokor

Creation the group DIODA

DIODA designers organize and take part 

in talks, meetings, workshops, and exhibitions.

co-founders: Zsolt Pyka, Zsolt Csizmadia, Tibor Zalavári, Gyongyi Bokor

Creation the group MDES

MDES designers were the creator of the first design conference and exhibition

in the New Design Centre Budapest 

and took part in several events such as shopwindow and container exhibitions too.

co-founders: Zsolt Csizmadia, Tibor Zalavári, Gyongyi Bokor

Creation the project  DESIGN FOR ALL 

It has been my own personal project for twenty years.

I often think of design as an open project,

and invite the public to take part in creation. 




2021 Laudation of the Directorate-General for Social Affairs

Internship work in the team of 3D Printing Against COVID 

2019 Honourable Mention in "DESIGN THAT EDUCATES AWARDS"

Architectural and Design Competition

HISTHEORY game and project

2016 Honourable Mention in "MASTER OF LIGHT"

Lighting  Design Competition

2014 MISROR, inverted kaleidoscopes,

Designboom, Lexus competition, shortlisted

2014 DESIGNER OF THE WEEK, Mansard Cafe design blog


2012 LEDbyLED pendants


LEDbyLED table lights

2011 Moleskinerie logo competition 

Designboom, shortlisted

2010 Finalist in "What is bubbling in the Kitchen" Design Competition

Baby plate

2010 DESIGNER OF THE MONTH, WAMP Hungarian Design Market


2009 KARIKA, solar powered light

Designboom, Green Life competition, shortlisted

2006 Finalist in "Award of Excellence for Handicrafts" Logo Competition

Logo design

2006 LOGO 2007 PRIZE, Graphis Logo Competition

Shop Sign, ironic traffic signs

2005 BEST OF NATION prize, EULDA European Logo Competition

Shop Sign, ironic traffic signs

2000 FORMareFORM Design Prize, Hungarian Furniture Today

Home accessories

1995 TISCA II. prize, TISCA Carpet Design Competition 

Carpet design 



2022 DESIGN WEEK, Budapest

2019 EUROLUCE, ISALONI MILANO, Budapest Select Exhibition

2018 DESIGNWEEK, BUDAPEST, Histheory game

2017 EUROLUCE, ISALONI MILANO, Swarovski Lighting

2016 FOLD WORKS, retrospective exhibition, Galéria Palmetta, Budapest


2012 Common Roots, Design Map of Central Europe, Holon

2011 Exhibition with WAMP Hungarian Design Market, Torino

2011 100 % Design Exhibition, London 

2011, 2010, 2009, 2006, 2005, 2004 Made in Hungary Exhibition, Budapest

2009 Green Mome, recycled objects, Ponton Gallery, Budapest

2008 Craft and Design Exhibition, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

2008 Design Match, travelling exhibition, Prague, Bratislava, Kosice, Sopron, Budapest

2007 Nueva Generation Exhibition, Marbella

2006 Megaposter Exhibition, Budapest

2006 Hungarian Design Award Exhibition, Budapest

2005 Container Exhibition, with MdeS designers, Budapest

2005 Shopwindow Exhibition, with the Technical University, Budapest

2004 Co-organiser of Design Conference, Budapest

2003 Design Auction, Design Institute, Budapest

2001 Art and Craft Exhibition of Millennium, Budapest

1998 Exhibition of Digital Stones


2020 Publication HYPER and HYPER, online art magazine, Histheory game

2019 Publication Mansard Cafe, online art magazine, Histheory game

2019 Publication OCTOGON, architectural magazine, Histheory game

2016 Interview in book FORMAMO, Design in Hungary Now

2015, 2006 Publication in Architectural Forum, online magazine, product design works

2014, 2012 Publication Mansard Cafe, online art magazine, Product design works

2008 Interview in IDEAS, Rtl Klub

2006 Publication in the magazine ELLE DECOR, Élle Decor Portré, Provoking Simplicity

2005 Publication in VILLAS, Material Finishes the Work, retrospective

2005 Publication in RESOURCE, Surprising and Playful, lighting

2005 Publication in OCTOGON, I Weave Living Cloak of the Lord /Goethe/, retrospective

2004 Publication in book 150 YEARS OF HUNGARIAN DESIGN, Octogon books, product design works

2003 Publication in DREAMHOUSE, Fiberoptic Lighting of Bokor Gyöngyi

2003 Publication in BUDAPEST BUSINESS JOURNAL, Shifting Shapes, product design works

2002 Publication in ATRIUM, Like a Mobil, lighting

1997 Publication in Atrium, Experiments of Lights, lighting




Bokor Gyongyi for LAKA 2_edited.jpg

Questioned by the Design Educates Awards

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