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project and educational program

Fictional utopias and  alternative histories

in order to find meaningful communication and consensus.

"Histheory Days" - Presentations and common games with History teachers and their students in high schools.

HISTHEORY won the award HONORABLE MENTION in the DESIGN THAT EDUCATES AWARDS architectural and design competition. 

Edina Mihalkovics, Zsolt Csizmadia, Gyongyi Bokor



The project wants to motivate people to express their creativity,

and draw attention to the immediate environment.

Zsolt Csizmadia, Gyongyi Bokor



Design is not about so-called perfect objects, 

but, it is rather an opinion, awareness, communication, story-telling and philosophy.

Andras Gyurcsek, Noa Schiller, Gyongyi Bokor


DIODA group

DIODA designers organize and take part in talks, meetings, workshops, and exhibitions.​

"Wrestling for a lemon juicer" - debate of the iconic lemon juicer of Philippe Starck.

"Plans and Reality" - a roundtable discussion with designers and investors.

"Is the Design Art?" - dispute and debate about design and art.

Zsolt Pyka, Zsolt Csizmadia, Tibor Zalavári, Gyongyi Bokor


MDES group

MDES designers were the creator of the first design conference and exhibition

in the New Design Centre Budapest and took part in several events such as shopwindow and container exhibitions too.

Members: Bence Buczkó, Ildiko Buzogany, Zsolt Csizmadia, Rozália Demény, Marton Elek, Mate Elek, Zsanett Hegedus, Anna Horváth, Géza Kerti, József Martinkó, Éva Medgyes, Ákos Mauer Klimes, György László Pálfi, Erika Pekli, Zsolt Pyka, Iván Simon, Edit Szabó, Marcell Szentpéteri, Barbara Szöllösi, Peter Uveges, József Zalavári, Tibor Zalavári, Gyöngyi Bokor.

co-founders: Zsolt Csizmadia, Tibor Zalavári, Gyongyi Bokor



It has been my own personal project for twenty years.

I often think of design as an open project,

and invite the public to take part in creation. 

Design Together - Design Events

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