The LEDbyLED family consists of pendants and table lamps.

We have designed these luminaires to represent the variety and beauty inherent in LED technology.

This project won the award HONORABLE MENTION  in the MASTER OF LIGHT luminaire design competition. 

The collection was exhibited on EUROLUCE, Milan, Budapest Select, 2019.

LED string light source gives a vast number of possibilities of forms.

Therefore the designer can vary the most unimaginable styles, sizes and forms.

In addition, lamps can be easily customized besides the basic collection.

The LEDbyLED serie includes both recyclable plastic, paper, and vernier chandeliers.  

The very detailed decorations of chandeliers create a flexible system, and also provide a spectacular view.




I always pursue to create luminaires that represent the pure beauty of nature.

My lamps often show minimalistic and simple forms with an organic style, as they represent both diversity and purity in the world around us. I would like to develop a kind of organic simplicity in my luminaire design world. 

I created collections that, on one hand, focus on simple and minimalistic design, and on the other hand, fine and airy shapes.

Most of these collections were developed for international design projects.

Some of my designs were chosen, and belong to international lighting companies, Swarovski Lighting, and Schonbek Lighting,

and some of them are shown on this site and manufactured by 

Hungarian lighting firms,

Cryst Lighting Ltd, and Revolum Lighting Ltd.



In most cases, our main inspiration is nature.

We believe that it is nature that provides the purest and the most authentic style and design. 

Therefore most of our glass lighting represents the diversity of nature as they show the beauty of light.



Apart from standard sizes, we create chandeliers on a large scale too.

Bespoke lamps can be installed in stairwells, entrance and event halls, both in residential buildings and private interiors.

These lighting can be customised in any size and colour, because of their modular system.

Besides, many of our bespoke pendants can be adjusted mechanically or electronically.