think together

project and board game



This project won the award HONORABLE MENTION in the


architectural and design competition. 


Bokor Gyöngyi, Csizmadia Zsolt, Mihallkovics Edina

With HISTHEORY we model alternative societies,

draw conclusions about historical and modern political events while testing our logic, critical thinking and empathy. 

Throughout the game we try to connect words and phrases on a logical, cause and effect basis by doing so we can gain a better understanding of how ideologies, events and conditions may derive from one and other.

Rules are understandable in a few minutes.

The different rounds within the game are built on each other from the easiest to more and more difficult ones, but we can announce a winner each round to make the game more exciting.

First, we can build networks, then paths, and finally a path, thus encouraging increasingly focused thinking.

The main appeal of the game is the constant communication it requires which can create interesting and entertaining conversations, exciting utopias, and theories.



We can debate about important and controversial questions, such as the future of green energy and artificial intelligence, 

equality and totalitarianism, humanitarianism and awareness, 

and the impact human psychology have on social change. 

How can we model societies in our favourite films or an imaginary world?

How can poverty result in anarchy, obsession in isolation, the regime in the energy crisis, democracy, despotism or productivity in collapse, chaos in welfare?

The aim of the game is to build a network of social and political processes, many of which will resemble familiar events in history, by using words and phrases of psychology, politics, and sociology. 

While the rules of the game are simple and easy to understand, the various conversations may arise make it a unique experience.



6. Garas utca

H - 1026 Budapest, Hungary


+36 20 4943319



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